Water, Binaries, and a God-Sized Hole

On a drive this morning, I passed by several churches of different denominations all with a giant cross extending from the roof into the backdrop of blue sky. I thought about the people who say that humanity invented God out of a desperate, pathetic attempt to make meaning and find solace from suffering. It’s an…

Want to Get Ahead? Stop Hustling

One thing many of us struggle with is being still. We find ways to make sure we don’t slow down for long. We use something to keep us moving, busy, and avoiding our fears and feelings. Maybe it’s a career, a side hustle, hobby, or general life goals. But whatever “it” is, it’s in the…

Why Stories Work Better Than Advice

I’m on the phone with my dad. Again. We’re discussing the dilemma of whether to leave or stay in my Ph.D. program. Well, really I’m discussing it out loud to myself while he graciously stays on the line. I’ve been seeking answers for months. Desperate for the perfect piece of advice that will magically clarify…

Deciding When You’re Undecided

The older I get, the less my decisions feel like decisions and the more they feel like an uncovering and honoring of what I already know. I’m making the right moves when it feels like I’m returning to myself rather than becoming someone new. I write a lot about my decision to withdraw from my…


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Taylor is a writer, storyteller, and poet who offers freelance writing services. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and has expertise in health psychology, mental health, substance use, and anxiety. She is currently working on her first book.

“I write words to inspire women so that they feel empowered to share their gifts with the world.”

– Taylor Suzanne Simons

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